Tacoma Youth Symphony Association

TYSA is pleased to offer financial aid to deserving young musicians.  Please click here to view the options currently available:

2022-23 TUITION

Tacoma Youth Symphony
$1320 Total
$450 deposit due on 9/1
$1270 total if paid in full by 9/25

Tacoma Junior Youth Symphony
$1200 total
$330 deposit due on 9/1
$1150 total if paid in full by 9/25

Tacoma String Philharmonic
$1085 total
$215 deposit due on 9/1
$1035 total if paid in full by 9/25

Tacoma Wind Philharmonic
$1085 total
$215 deposit due on 9/1
$1035 total if paid in full by 9/25

Tacoma String Symphony
$1050 total
$180 deposit due on 9/1
$1000 total if paid in full by 9/25

Automatic Monthly Tuition payment plans with deposit due by 9/1 and $145 payments due the 1st of each month from October 1st through February 1st.  The March 1st payment adjusted to balance. 

Family Discount of $25 will be applied to final payment.     

 2022-23 Auditions

Regular Season runs September - May

Applications are

now open!


Prepare a classical solo of your choice, no accompaniment, that will demonstrate technical proficiency, tone production, and musicianship; consult your music teacher when selecting a piece.  This is an audition and not a performance, expect to be stopped before you complete your piece.  A short excerpt from an orchestral score will be provided for sight-reading. 

High school and older woodwind and percussion players should prepare the excerpts linked on the Audition Application page. 

In the instance that you cannot make it on your assigned day, you will need to submit a YouTube video in lieu of an in-person audition.  Click here  for recording instructions.  Your video, required forms and fee are due by August 9th.  If you are interested in viewing a sample audition click the photo below.

Application:  Please complete the Audition Application online and submit it.  Follow the directions on the application "Thank You" page.

You will receive the Consent and Agreement forms 24 hours prior to your audition.  Please print out and sign the Agreement Form and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment.  Arrive 30 minutes before your audition.  The audition fee is $60.


Applications are available at auditions.

Policy on School Music Participation

It is important to us that all students and their parents be familiar with the school music policy of the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association (TYSA) and that they understand and agree to support it.  To provide us with a record of your knowledge of this policy, we ask that you complete and sign the above form designating such.  We appreciate your adherence to and support of this policy.

  • An important aspect of membership in any TYSA orchestra or one of its adjunct programs is simultaneous participation by the student musician in their school's instrumental music program.
  • TYSA strongly supports music education in the schools.  School music programs offer the student musician opportunities for daily ensemble participation which is complemented by their involvement in the TYSA orchestras.
  • Participation in school music, in TYSA and in private lessons are three elements of a well-rounded music education.

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