A Community Treasure

                          Tacoma Youth Symphony Association

Our Programs

General Programs
In addition to the regular orchestral program, TYSA augments its curriculum with sectionals, chamber music, private lessons and music theory classes.  Through eight orchestras and adjunct programs, the TYSA reaches over 30,000 people annually.  The successful Evergreen Music Festival, summer music program provides opportunity for our students together with students not in our regular program to experience the love and joy of performing music together.  The uniqueness of the March String Orchestra Festival provides for over 1,250 middle/junior high musicians.  Coming from throughout Puget Sound, full school orchestras meet at The Evergreen State College, perform for one another and listen to TYSA chamber musicians.  A month prior to the festival, the TYSA provides school orchestras with festival music to learn.  During the festival they join together to perform these works under the direction of renowned maestros.  TYSA seeks out performance opportunities in nursing homes and underserved outlying communities.  The Chamber Series thrives, as do the sold out children’s concert and our annual multi-concert school tour.   
If you would like to bring your 4th graders to a TYS performance conducted by Dr. Paul-Elliott Cobbs, contact Dr. Anna Jensen at (253) 627-2792 for additional information regarding our Education Concerts.

Evergreen Music Festival
Two week long sessions provide intensive summer music training to string, brass, woodwind and percussion students.  Follow the links for additional information for each session.  Online applications are also available.

Concert Season

  • 17+ formal concerts and the following:
  • The Brass Ensemble and a Wind Ensemble for members provides supplemental training in symphonic literature
  • Tacoma's only Bach Festival introduced in 1982 has evolved into the Chamber Series
  • Discover Music concerts is a tradition designed to introduce classical music to the young
  • String Orchestra Festival complements the school music program.  Over 1,250 middle & junior high school string musicians from the entire Puget Sound region gather at The Evergreen State College to share music
  • Evergreen Music Festival (music camp) which attracts musicians nationally and internationally
  • A special effort is made to reach underserved audiences with run-out concerts/retreats
  • An expanded annual multi-concert school tour to introduce public and private schools to live classical music
  • Educational presentations precede the school tours in classrooms at the schools
  • Senior center concerts are presented annually
  • TYS performs collaborative events with other arts organizations
  • The Tacoma Junior Youth Symphony performs at “Victorian Country Christmas” in Puyallup
  • 2 Music theory classes are offered annually
  • Staff speakers address schools, children & community programs encouraging the love of music
  • Marketing is directed to the underserved community (posters, speakers, releases)
  • Music training programs such as for bass, viola and harp fill instrumental voids for our orchestras and community
  • Preparation for a national/international tour in the next few years